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Everything was exquisite! The atmosphere in every way. My eyes could not help leaking tears through it all. I feel privileged to be a small part of this magnificent life changing ministry. I know I am on a continual forever change because of it. It was so personal and so from our Daddy God to His girls.
You sit listening so intently, you forget to breathe! What Lynda has to say, I want to hear, burn it in my heart, and act on every living and powerful word.
— Carol


On the last evening of the women’s retreat, I heard God say: ‘It’s time to divorce your pills’. I was tired of being highly medicated all the time... I felt an urgency to speak to Lynda. I started pulling out all the bottles from my purse, 8 to be exact. Had it not been for that moment, I would have not have received the heart-transplant that I so desperately needed.


I told the ladies about my daughter who said she would never go to church. They gathered around me and asked if it was ok for them to splash water on me. We all ended up getting in the pool, praying. It was amazing!

I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence like I never had before! This experience strengthened my faith tremendously and now my daughter comes to our church whenever she’s in town. She is seeing the evidence that God is real!


one of the most powerful weekends I had ever experienced...Lynda walks in a prophetic anointing. She brings the Word of the Lord in a way that cuts to heart of the matter.
The hour I was with the group of ladies was more affirming than anything I have been a part of. I was at a major crossroads in my life. That hour has given me strength.
— Ladonna


a power packed group of women who spend time seeking the Father’s heart for the people who will be at that event.


true testimonies of people touched by Sanctioned Love's ministry